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feynlab ceramic coating

  • Made in USA, Lombard IL

  • Available in more than 25 countries worldwide

  • Pioneer in nano resin system; leading in development and manufacturing for automotive, marine and aerospace

  • Strict control of process; from formulation to product shipping

  • Products are manufactured in-house

Nano ceramic V2 

  • Thick, durable and economical

  • Easy to apply

  • Excellent heat resistance, brilliant gloss, UV and chemical resistance


Ceramic Plus 40% Self-Healing

  • Perfect marriage between Self-Healing and Ceramic technology

  • Incorporates 40% of self-healing for light surface scratches, while maintaining thickness and protection of ceramic

  • Provides similar heat resistance, high gloss, hydrophobic and easy cleaning properties which ceramic is known for


Heal-lite 60% Self-Healing 

  • Developed for hard to maintain dark coloured vehicles

  • Single-step ultra durable coating with excellent UV protection, rugged chemical protection, very high gloss, extreme hydrophobic properties and 60% healing capabilities


Self-Healing Plus 

  • Retains true colour and gloss for dark coloured vehicles

  • Thickest coating, impressive self-healing capabilities, UV and chemical resistance and highly durable protective layer to painted surfaces

  • Fine scratches and micro swirl marks will vanish when healing is activated by parking vehicle under direct sunlight where temperature is 30°C or higher. This will reset the Ceramic Polymer Matrix resulting in super glossy reflective surface


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